Print Advertising

Reach ready-to-buy customers with the Yellow Pages directory

Why do you need Print Advertising with YP?


of people who use the Yellow Pages phone book follow up on ads by contacting the business.

Be present

Every month 7 million shoppers turn to the phone book: be where they expect to find you.

Catch their eye

Set your ad apart by choosing a bigger size, colourful images, and added business information.

Get contacted more

Get your phone ringing with effective ads that are designed for getting results.


  • Advertise in Yellow Pages directories under business categories that will drive calls.

  • Select the type of ad that’s right for your business, from a basic Listing Ad to attention grabbing Display Ads.

  • Customize your ad with features like colour, your logo, photos and more.

  • Track your ad's effectiveness with a unique phone number and reporting (optional).

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9 Rules for Creating More Effective Print Ads

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Even in the era of the Internet and mobile devices, print advertising is still an important aspect of an effective marketing strategy

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Promote your business profile with ads on local business search.

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Boost your YP business profile to the top of mobile searches.

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