YP.ca Priority Placement

Promote your business profile with ads on YP.ca local business search.

Why do you need Priority Placement?


of clicks on YP.ca are in the top 10 search results

Rank ahead of your competition

Get noticed in YP.ca search results when your business shows up higher than your competition.

Get contacted by more customers

Receive more calls and visits by putting your business profile in front of customers who are about to decide who they want to do business with.

Grab attention from other search engines

Generate valuable visibility on search engines and sites like Google, Apple Maps and Yahoo! As the leader in business search, YP.ca business profiles rank high.


  • Create a business profile that people want to click on with branding and lots of details.
  • Have the competitiveness of your local market analyzed by a YP Digital Advisor.
  • Choose the placement that will drive your competitive edge and fit your budget.
  • Benefit from added visibility from YP.ca partners (Google, Yahoo! Apple Maps, etc.), with links to your YP.ca business profile in their search results.
  • Track results within 48 hours of your Priority Placement going live on YP.ca.
  • Review your results in YP Analytics to see how many meaningful contacts (calls, emails, walk-ins) your ad is generating.

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Why Priority Placement matters

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The Internet is big and there’s a lot of online competition, especially if you’re trying to show up near the top in online searches and in digital listings

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