Smart Digital Display

Target your banner ads to local, interested customers when it matters

Why do you need Smart Digital Display?


People are 70% more likely to take action on a website after seeing targeted banner ads.

Connect with high quality customers

Show your ads to people who are already interested in your type of business.

Stay top of mind

Display your ads consistently to a relevant local audience to remind them of what you do.

Be remembered when it counts

Target your ads to customers who are ready to buy with YP’s exclusive search database.


  • Display banner ads on websites as your customers browse online.
  • Target your ads to people who have actively searched for your type of business or topics related to it.
  • Focus on local customers by targeting your ads to people in your local area
  • Retarget your ads to customer who have recently visited your website by adding a snippet of code to your site.
  • Increase the impact of your banner ads with expert help to design and create your ad.
  • Receive detailed reports with:
    • how many people saw your ads, hovered over your ads and clicked through to your website
    • a heat map highlighting the areas where customers seeing your ads are located
    • examples of top websites your ads appeared on.

Want more? Choose the premium level of Smart Digital Display.

Work with a Campaign Manager who:
  • builds your ads
  • sets campaign goals
  • guides you when you need it
  • gives you a detailed performance review.

Meet the experts

“I share my knowledge with small business owners and I learn about them too. That’s how we work together to reach their business goals.”

Emily Dupras-Rioux, Smart Digital Display Specialist

“I work with businesses in different industries to get their message out to the right people at the right time. No matter the industry what stays the same is their passion.”

John Barcarlos, Campaign Manager

“Small businesses keep our neighbourhoods unique and interesting. That’s why I support their growth in both my personal and professional life.”

Miranda Caldwell, Campaign Manager

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